Guidelines for Transfer Out Stocks

Submit a transfer-out application

  1. Open the App, click the Assets tab - "All Functions" - "Transfer Stocks".
  2. After filling in the receiving broker information, account name and account number of the receiving broker, click Next, fill in the stock information and click Next.
  3. Submit the transfer-out application after confirming the transfer-out information, that is, the transfer-out application has been successfully submitted.
  4. You can view the transfer record and processing progress details.


  • This transfer application only supports the transfer of the same name, and does not accept the change of the stock beneficiary.
  • It is generally expected to take 5-10 working days to transfer out stocks (the transfer time is for reference only, and the actual processing time of the two brokers shall prevail). After notifying Hengyu Securities and the other broker, please wait patiently, and the two brokers will contact each other. Once it is confirmed that there is no problem, you can start the operation to transfer the stock.
  • Fees for transferring positions: In general, the transferring brokers need to charge, and the receiving brokers are free. (Please ensure that there are enough transfer fees in the account before the transfer is initiated)
  • Your stock holdings need to be settled before they can be submitted for transfer out.